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Now Selling - Canvas

One to Three Bedrooms Starting in the $700Ks
2017 · Premium

Recently Sold - The cigar factory

Property in Long Island city for $31,000,000
2016 · News

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New Development Spotlight

Astoria and Long Island City are rapidly becoming two of the most desirable neighborhoods in all of New York City, with an abundance of new residential developments. Modern Spaces is at the forefront of real estate in Astoria and LIC, helping to raise the bar for new condos and rentals by working with developers to create homes with all the quality and amenities that modern buyers and renters demand. Spearheaded by Eric Benaim, a longtime resident of Queens and expert in New York City real estate, Modern Spaces is the exclusive real estate team for the latest and greatest…

Blog 2 weeks ago

A Day in the Life of Eric Benaim

  Rise and Shine It is 6AM as the morning sun reappears from the east; its rays bounce between sweeping skyscrapers, meander through brownstone windows, and settle on sidewalks and streets. Sunrises in Long Island City must be seen to be believed, and residents of this neighborhood are ever-grateful for this daily affirmation of warmth and light. One such resident, Modern Spaces CEO and President Eric Benaim, rises at this hour to spend some quality time with his family each and every day – another type of sunshine. Off to Work He usually departs on foot for Modern Spaces…

Blog 1 month ago

In The LIC Community

What makes a neighborhood great? Survey a hundred New Yorkers and the most common responses will likely include access to a variety of cultural and recreational activities: museums, restaurants, galleries, parks, and the like. However, one factor in determining the quality of a neighborhood is all too often overlooked: a genuine sense of community. For decades, residents of LIC have enjoyed a tight-knit community that grows closer with each passing year. Modern Spaces was born in Long Island City, and under founder and CEO Eric Benaim, this brokerage firm has grown with the neighborhood and into other boroughs. However,…

Blog 1 month ago
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