The Process: Arlinda Dine on Modern Spaces’ Approach to New Development Marketing

Jul 26, 2018

New York City is one of the world’s greatest real estate markets. Property developers from around the world are constantly jockeying against one another to bring the best new developments to market in the most desirable locations. Modern Spaces is the sales and marketing firm of choice for these developers, who rely on the company’s unparalleled local expertise on neighborhoods and new properties in red-hot Queens and Brooklyn.


But how did Modern Spaces become the premier real estate firm for new developments in Queens and Brooklyn? The company’s ascent within the new development marketing realm is a credit to its incredible team, led by CEO, President & Founder Eric Benaim, and Arlinda Dine.


“Modern Spaces is now one of the foremost new development marketing firms in the city,” says Arlinda. “There are two things that I would say are behind that. First, we are completely in tune with the communities we serve. We live where we work, and we have deep, deep bonds with residents and institutions in these communities. By putting their needs first throughout the development process, we ultimately make our developer clients happy. That’s why developers trust our insights.”


“Second, we are a creative team. We don’t approach our work in the same way that other firms do. That really helps us stand apart in an industry where there tends to be a strong focus on what your competitors are doing. There are so many factors that go into marketing a new development, and each deserves a unique perspective that considers them.”


Arlinda joined the firm in 2012, after highly successful stints at The Marketing Directors and the Developers Group. At the time, Modern Spaces was handling just a few new developments. The shift to the big time came shortly afterward when the company was tasked with revitalizing interest in L Haus, a condominium development on 49th Avenue in Long Island City that had been on the market since 2008.


Discussing the development, Arlinda tells us, “Hindsight is 20/20. Given what was going on with the market, 2008 was a difficult time to launch a new condo project. But when the Stahl Organization came to us to take over the sales and marketing, we could see that the outgoing firm had given up on the project and began marketing it accordingly. We felt differently. We saw a lot of potential in L Haus.”


Modern Spaces’ two competitive advantages, their local expertise and their fresh, creative thinking, were behind the rebound of L Haus. And it was all accomplished with limited advertising resources.


“We knew that the approach that had been used for the past four years wouldn’t cut it,” says Arlinda. “2012 was a very different market than 2008, and Long Island City had changed significantly during that time, as well. As a community-oriented firm, we experienced it firsthand. We brought in a new creative agency and developed a new marketing campaign built from the ground up, focusing on the unique attributes of the remaining apartments, which were generally two- and three-bedroom residences. They needed to be presented differently than studio and one-bedroom residences.”


It wasn’t long before L Haus was fully sold out, thanks in no small part to the expertise of Modern Spaces. “The developer was happy, and so were our buyers,” Arlinda says. Modern Spaces made the most of an opportunity that other firms failed to recognize, and in the five years since the L Haus project was completed, both the company and its portfolio have grown dramatically. Now numbering six, the new Modern Spaces development team handles more than 40 new sales and rental developments. And, this summer, they will bring New York City’s largest condominium project to market.


Rather than coasting on their incredible success, Modern Spaces continues to build on their strengths: local expertise and creative problem solving. So, the next time you’re walking in your neighborhood and you see the Modern Spaces logo next to a gorgeous new building, you can be confident that the homes inside are built around the needs of your community and your lifestyle – the Modern Spaces team has already made sure of it.


See all the new developments Modern Spaces has to offer here and find your next home today!

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