Sit Back and Relax

Aug 15, 2019

Summer in New York City is notoriously busy. Most of us wouldn’t have it any other way. But after a few weeks of hitting up music festivals, meeting with friends for rooftop brunches, and trips to the beach, the sun and endless outdoor activities begin to take their toll. If you find yourself feeling a little worn down, there’s one surefire way to recharge: Take a spa day. Luckily, the crucial act of getting in a little “me time” doesn’t have to involve a sweaty journey across the city, thanks to the many high-end spas in close proximity to your Long Island City condos. So, get ready to book yourself an appointment. Here are our favorite local spots for reviving a weary body.

Kata Spa | 47-46 Vernon Boulevard

Massages: They’re not just for vacation anymore. In fact, the more regularly you indulge, the more your body will reap the benefits. Whether you spend too much time hunched over a computer, have an old injury flaring up, or simply need to release a little tension and stress, Kata has you covered. All the therapists at this spa are trained at the Swedish Institute and can perform a wide array of modalities: There’s the basic Swedish massage, a perfect choice for anyone who wants a well-rounded experience that will improve circulation, reduce tension, and aid flexibility. Deep Tissue Swedish involves targeting problem areas, and the Hot Stone Swedish employs the use of hot river basalt stones and organic jojoba oil. Or, choose the Japanese modality known as shiatsu, intended to unblock your “qi” (a concept that refers to the life force or flow of energy in the body). Whatever you choose, you’re sure to leave feeling ready to conquer anything.

Rejuvenate Face and Body | 29-15 Astoria Boulevard

Everyone knows that it’s important to exercise both the heart and the mind, but many of us neglect to take care of the body’s largest organ: the skin. At Rejuvenate Face and Body, they do exactly that. The spa focuses not only on the external causes of skin problems, but the internal, as well, believing that “skin is not only the foundation of beauty; it is also a barometer of one’s overall health and internal balance.” As such, the approach at Rejuvenate is holistic, with a range of services aimed at addressing specific issues. For summertime, you might want to try the Vitamin C Glow Facial, an hour-long service geared toward correcting and refreshing sun-damaged skin with a “burst of antioxidants.” Bonus: It smells like a bright, citrusy summer breeze.

Tailormade for You Skincare | 10-43 47th Avenue

What’s in a name? At Tailormade, the answer is: a lot. The philosophy at this high-end spa is laid out in their signature. Eschewing a one-size-fits-all approach in favor of customization, Tailormade is a place you can go to see real results — fast. Started by Angelena Lucheux, a Long Island City local, the spa offers a range of skincare, bodycare, and waxing options that will help heal imperfections and leave you feeling ready to finish out the summer strong. The facials harness the rejuvenating powers of elements such as caviar, charcoal, and LED light. You can even take advantage of a Neck & Décolleté Lifting Treatment — just have an answer ready for when friends ask why you’re glowing.

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