What Does a Rental Agent in NYC Do Anyway?

February 7, 2020
Published in Inman

New York State regulators, in late January, unexpectedly released new guidance that would shift the burden of paying rental agents onto the landlord and away from the tenant. The change, which followed on the heels of the state’s sweeping rent reform laws, has drawn a rebuke from the real estate industry and praise from renters and tenant advocate groups.

Not every client has simple needs either, according to Eric Benaim, the CEO of Modern Spaces, a brokerage in Queens. It’s not like every client picks an apartment they find online, visits it once and rents the first apartment they found on their own. “A lot of clients are very specific,” Benaim said. “A client could be like, I’m looking for something in the 30s, between Park Avenue and Fifth Avenue, and my budget is $5,000 and I want a doorman and I have a dog and my dog is 18 pounds and I’m a smoker. So they have to sift through thousands of listings and plan a day to take out this particular client.”
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