The Morning Download: ‘Zero Knowledge’ Tech Catches JPMorgan’s Attention

November 14, 2018
Published in WSJ
The Wall Street Journal caught up with Modern Spaces CEO Eric Benaim to talk about the recent announcement that Amazon would be bringing its new headquarters to his company’s neck of the woods. “Clients I hadn’t spoken to in seven or eight years started texting me,” said Mr. Benaim, whose firm has specialized in LIC condos for over a decade. “I sold 20 apartments via text.” Mr. Benaim’s firm is leveraging its local expertise to work with investors looking to capitalize on the housing demand spurred by the 25,000 new jobs that HQ2 will bring to Long Island City. As Modern Spaces broker Kayla Lee told the Journal, “Buyers are hoping it will become the next Silicon Valley and want to be in on that.”
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