Queen of Long Island City Real Estate Chats About Career, Amazon HQ2 News

November 27, 2018
Published in Forbes

Arlinda Dine, EVP of New Developments at Long Island City-based brokerage Modern Spaces, is getting a firsthand look at the Queens neighborhood’s exploding popularity since Amazon announced it would be setting up shop in the area. While Dine says she’s long anticipated Long Island City would see its profile rise, she never expected to witness such a sudden uptick in interest in the area. However, after Amazon’s formal statement about their upcoming Queens headquarters, Long Island City condos have been snapped up left and right, with Dine noting a 500 percent increase in weekly traffic to area apartments, in addition to predicting an upcoming increase in commercial traffic. “I thought that was the greatest news Long Island City could have gotten,” says Dine of Amazon’s new plans. “It’s just such a positive thing that’s happening.”

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