Brokers in one of Amazon’s chosen HQ2 locations are reportedly already selling condos sight-unseen — and development hasn’t even begun

November 13, 2018
Published in Business Insider
When Amazon announced that HQ2 was heading to Long Island City, savvy real estate investors had already flipped the area’s market based on information from a week earlier. As rumors swirled, the market turned from a buyer’s market into a seller’s market overnight, with internet searches for LIC condos surging nearly 300%. Modern Spaces broker Kayla Lee told the Wall Street Journal that "buyers are hoping it will become the next Silicon Valley and want to be in on that." Modern Spaces is a professional real estate group with brokers who specialize in Long Island City and adjacent Queens neighborhoods. Buyers looking to capitalize on the wave of HQ2 investment have an excellent opportunity when looking into any Modern Spaces property in the fast-growing neighborhood.
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