From humble beginnings to finding success: Modern Spaces in Long Island City Celebrates 10th Anniversary

September 5, 2018
Published in QNS
New York real estate company Modern Spaces may be a household name today, but the company’s rise to prominence was a decade in the making. Having recognized the promise of Long Island City in the early 2000s, Modern Spaces CEO Eric Benaim started selling homes in the Queens neighborhood, finding buyers for 50 residences in 2006 alone. Just two years later, Benaim teamed up with partner Ted Kokkoris, and the pair sold 60 condominiums within three months the following year. Today, the company has 100 agents, $5 billion in sales under its belt, and 4,000 new units ready to hit the market. And while the company has expanded to both Manhattan and Brooklyn, Modern Spaces’ goal in each neighborhood is clear: “If we’re good to the community, the community will be good to us,” says Benaim.  
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