10 Powerful Women Share Lessons Learned as Female Leaders from the COVID Crisis

February 26, 2021
Published in Lux Expose

Arlinda Dine, EVP, new development marketing at Modern Spaces 

Throughout her trailblazing career, Arlinda has worked on 40+ projects – including the tallest building in NYC’s outer boroughs, Skyline Tower – totaling 14 million square feet and $7 billion in sales. She explains how the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected the New York real estate market, “While the New York market experienced an initial decline in interest in purchasing units right off the bat when the pandemic hit, we’ve seen a turnaround specifically in condos in recent months. In fact, Modern Spaces has launched many new developments during the pandemic like The Ely, and has had a good interest in all of them.” At Modern Spaces, she oversees a 10-person team and sees the benefit of having a well-balanced, gender-equal team as women offer unique insight into the real estate (and all other male-dominated) industries, “We are at a historic junction in time that demands female leadership. Our industry is at a tipping point and faces unprecedented challenges that require the unique insight and skill set that women can bring to any team.”
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