Ozone Park

Ozone Park

Ozone Park has a surprisingly sordid history due to decades of organized crime involvement in the neighborhood. However, these activities have barely touched the tranquility of Ozone Park for most community members. Other than the fast-paced excitement surrounding the Aqueduct horse racing track, things are pretty chill in the hood. The residential streets are lined with modest houses – detached, semi-detached, and in rows – and often have well-groomed yards and flowerpots.

The predominantly Italian population of Ozone Park is being diversified by the addition of Caribbean and Asian immigrants. The community is strongly family-based, and the neighborhood offers an abundant variety of commercial amenities. The Liberty Ave, Cross Bay Blvd, and Rockaway Blvd supply essential services in addition to authentic Italian restaurants and other food. Ozone Park is also well connected to the rest of the city. Served by four stops on A line, the area is a reasonable commute for people who work in Downtown Brooklyn – and a very speedy one for people employed by JFK Airport.

Housing in Ozone Park is mostly single family homes, though some condos and other larger apartment buildings are making in-roads into the neighborhood. For now, people looking to live there have to be willing to buy, and the median sales price is a very affordable $460K. Multifamily homes cost more, but could be a good option for some extra rental income or in-law apartments. A persistent renter can find a studio for a median rent of $875/mo, and 2-4 Brs for less than $1700/month.


Places to Visit
Beer Town
135-26 Crossbay Blvd
Beer Stores
Zumba® Crossbay Blvd
10701 Crossbay Blvd (107th Ave)
Natural Body Inc.
135-26 Cross Bay Blvd (Desarc Rd)
Health Food Stores
CJ's Bar & Lounge
137-09 Crossbay Blvd (btwn Pitkin & 149th Ave.)
Places to Visit
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