The fact that the so-called Archie Bunker House is located within Glendale points to the quiet, residential feel of the neighborhood. Even so, Glendale has more urban amenities than most neighborhoods outside the city, especially along Myrtle and Cooper Avenues. Living in the neighborhood requires residents to adopt many suburban habits, including depending on cars instead of the subway (unless they live by the Fresh Pond Road stop on the M line). Lack of subway access has limited growth in Glendale, preserving the area as nearby neighborhoods go high-rise. The stability of low-key Glendale draws immigrants from Europe, South America, and Asia.

Bounded by multiple cemeteries as well as a golf course, Glendale has the advantage of open spaces and greenery not available elsewhere in the city. Beyond suburban, these green areas almost create a country-like setting. The downside is that residential opportunities are a bit limited for people who are not six feet under.

There are some Glendale co-ops and single family homes (both detached and in rows) available for sale, but not very many. The median price for the few homes on the market is about $590K. Rent listings are very sparse, so it is difficult to get accurate statistics. Interested renters and buyers should check out the listings for Ridgewood, Queens as well, since there are more properties available on the border between the neighborhoods.


Places to Visit
Lorenz Latin Dance Studio
65-52 Myrtle Ave (65th Place)
Dance Studios
Stammtisch Pork Store & Imports
69-40 Myrtle Ave
Gourmet Shops
Zum Stammtisch
6946 Myrtle Ave
German Restaurants
Retro Fitness
65-45 Otto Rd
Gyms or Fitness Centers
Places to Visit
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