Hells Kitchen (Clinton)

Hell’s Kitchen (Clinton)

No one knows the exact origin of Hell’s Kitchen’s unique name, but the controversial moniker persists despite a long standing attempt to rename the neighborhood. Sometimes known as ‘Clinton’ in the real estate context, Hell’s Kitchen’s boundaries are just as controversial as its name. Loosely comprising a rectangular section from 34th St to 57th St, between 8th Ave and the Hudson River, Hell’s Kitchen began as a haven for Irish refugees escaping the Great Potato Famine in the mid 19th century.

Throughout the years that followed, Hell’s Kitchen experienced a colorful transition from shantytown, to mobsterville, to a haven for actors and performers. Due its close proximity to the Theater District, Hell’s Kitchen has played home to a large number of famous actors and performers, as well as a growing gay community. Highlight: Restaurant Row


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