East Harlem

Once known as Italian Harlem for being the home to a large group of Italian immigrants, it is now referred to as Spanish Harlem, or “El Barrio”. While it has been known in the latter part of the 20th century as a rough neighborhood, it has recently been the scene of new development. A huge upside to becoming a resident in such a neighborhood is affordability and space. You can find more space for your dollar here. It also brings with it a unique cultural aspect, as East Harlem has made major contributions to Salsa music and dance, and is the site of several art museums. It is also important to note that Spanish Harlem is a food lover’s paradise. Not only can you find authentic cuisine that is hard to find in other parts of the city, the food is also inexpensive, but made with love for its locals.


Places to Visit
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Mountain Bird
2162 2nd Ave
French Restaurants
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Cascolate Latin Bistro
2126 2nd Ave (Between 109th St and 110th)
Mexican Restaurants
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Lorenz Latin Dance Studio
2153 2nd Ave (East 111th St.)
Dance Studios
Places to Visit
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