Located in central Brooklyn, Midwood is a spacious, suburbanesque neighborhood that seems out of place in Brooklyn. This residential neighborhood is family-oriented, and hosts a predominantly Jewish community that’s evidenced by the kosher bakeries and delis that line Avenue J, one of the main commercial drags. The Jewish population in Midwood is growing due to overflow from nearby neighborhoods and increased immigration from Russia and Syria. Accordingly, condo developers are keeping them in mind by offering many building features that adapt to Orthodox practices. For example, one new development is providing elevators that can be used on the Sabbath.

Midwood seems a world away from the skyscrapers of Manhattan because of its low-rise residential feel, but people who live there can lead a double life of quiet suburban gardening and wild nights out in the city thanks to the Q train, which runs from the center of the neighborhood through Coney Island and Downtown Brooklyn to Manhattan. The neighborhood is also convenient for cars due to abundant street parking, and houses with driveways.

Midwood contains many privately owned detached single family homes, and taller apartment buildings near the major streets. New condo developments are appearing, but the neighborhood is mostly known for Victorian houses on large lots – some of which are being considered for historic district status. The median sales price in the area is slightly under $700k, which is goes a long way in $/sqft. However, keep in mind that maintaining these gigantic, beautiful homes can sometimes be daunting. If you’re attached to the idea of living in Midwood, but not interested in buying a home, there are many renovated apartments for rent. On top of that, you can still enjoy some of your disposable income as the median rent for a studio is $950/mo, and $1200/mo for a 1Br.


Places to Visit
Kosher Bagel Hole
1431 Coney Island Ave
Bagel Shops
Ostrovitsky Bakery
1124 Avenue J (at E 12th St.)
Di Fara Pizza
1424 Avenue J (at E 15th St)
Pizza Places
Moisha's Discount Supermarket INC
325 Avenue M
Places to Visit
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