Bath Beach

Though Bath Beach is located pleasantly on the Brooklyn waterfront, its name may be a little misleading – don’t turn your bathtub into extra closet space in the expectation of access to public baths a la its namesake Bath, England. Also, ‘beach’ in this neighborhood means ‘promenade overlooking New York Bay’, not sandy sunbathing. Like nearby areas, Bath Beach used to be an escape from the hot summers in Manhattan, but is now integrated into the city.

The area is still a retreat in some ways since it is quiet and family oriented. The location roughly between Sunset Park’s Chinatown and Brighton Beach’s Little Russia has led immigrants from those countries to settle in Bath Beach, replacing the predominantly Italian population as they migrate to the suburbs. The D & M trains provide easy access to the adjacent Brooklyn neighborhoods, as well as Manhattan. The Shore Parkway along the waterfront allows car drivers to appreciate the views while zipping in and out of the area.

Bath Beach’s views of the water and the Verrazano Bridge can be rented at an affordable price, though there are few homes for sale. Those desirable detached homes and row houses make up a large part of the neighborhood, but there are more rental options in larger apartment buildings. The median rent for studios and 1Brs is under $1000/mo, a uniquely affordable rate compared to many other parts of Brooklyn.


Places to Visit
Panino Rustico
8222 17th Ave (Corner of 83rd st.)
Italian Restaurants
Wine Outlet and Liquor
1645 86th St (86th street between 16th ave and 17th ave)
Liquor Stores
Jmart 新世界超市
8121 New Utrecht Ave
Bay Parkway Water Front
New York
Surf Spots
Places to Visit
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