Modern Spaces Starts a New Chapter With a New Headquarters

Jan 3, 2019

Agents at Modern Spaces, the go-to brokerage for finding both condos in LIC and condos in Astoria, are no strangers to the considerations, difficulties, and joys that come with moving. From the feelings of uncertainty a buyer faces while making the initial decision to relocate to the thrill of stepping into the ideal space for the first time, Modern Spaces agents have guided clients through the tumultuous and renewing journey of relocating for over 10 years. Now, it’s the company’s turn. As the brokerage expands and prepares to make a move of its own, we’ll give you a peek at the new Modern Spaces headquarters and at what led the company to find a new home.

It won’t come as a surprise to many to hear that Modern Spaces is growing. The mounting interest in both luxury apartments and condos in Long Island City and Astoria has resulted in a demand for expertise in those neighborhoods — something the agents at Modern Spaces have been cultivating for years. And so, the brokerage has risen to meet that demand. Growth, by nature, necessitates change. Before the growing pains could even begin to set in, the team at Modern Spaces was looking into the future. There, they saw the next chapter: a new office space in LIC.

Fortunately, the right office space didn’t prove to be elusive. After some hunting, it presented itself in the form of a newly renovated building on 46th Avenue in Long Island City. Like anyone in the market for new digs, Modern Spaces had a list of must-haves, and the building met those handily. With room for more than 40 people and two expansive rooms for gatherings, the office is well-suited to accommodate a growing team. But beyond meeting those baseline needs, the new space also has some playful surprises.

The new office space will mainly serve as a headquarters for the executive and management team, along with the commercial team from Astoria and on-site new-development brokers. While the team is thrilled with the new Long Island City location and everything it has to offer, perhaps the best perk of all is across the street. There, in all its industrial-chic and retro glory, is The Gutter. This bowling alley and beer hall is known for unpretentious, quintessentially New York fare like hot dogs, nachos, and ice cream sandwiches. Modern Spaces may just have stumbled upon the perfect neighbor — as we all know, one of the more important factors to weigh when choosing a new home.

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