Modern Interior Design Tips for Your Apartment that Increase Property Value

Sep 2, 2020

Everyone wants to increase their property value. When you own an apartment, it can feel like your options are a little limited. Unlike houses, you can’t make massive structural changes or do any significant remodels. 

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t significantly increase your property value. 

Using clever and modern interior design techniques, you can substantially increase the value of your apartment. It’s all about making subtle upgrades and learning how to stage the property properly. 

These modern interior design tips are surefire ways to increase the value of your apartment. 

Maximize the Kitchen

Apartment kitchens are notoriously small. Your primary goal should be making the kitchen appear large and functional. However, you also want to make sure it’s still aesthetically appealing. 


  • Keep the color scheme light and bright. 


  • If you have a window in the kitchen, keep it open or use white, transparent drapes. 


  • Upgrade your counters to quartz countertops. Quartz is a trendy, durable material that looks amazing in every kitchen. The cost of quartz countertops is roughly the same as the cost of granite counters. If that’s outside of your price range, consider going with something like solid surface, which is white, bright, and visually appealing.


  • Consider replacing the top cabinets with open shelving instead. This gives the illusion of more space.

Adapt a Minimalism Aesthetic 

Minimalism is in – and in a big way. Minimalism is a design theory and way of life which advocates for less clutter. When you’re in an apartment, a minimalist aesthetic can go a long way towards increasing property value. 


  • Add built-in storage solutions, so there is plenty of space for storing extra things.


  • Get rid of busy decorations, and instead, focus on standout art pieces. 


  • Go for a neutral color palette. 


  • Incorporate texture and clean lines throughout the apartment to really hit this motif home. 

Add Dimensions 

Many apartments have lower ceilings and the same ceiling height throughout the entire space. Add dimensionality to spark interest and to make your apartment feel larger. 


  • Incorporate mirrors into your décor. 


  • Use hanging lights and varying height light fixtures to play with the height of rooms. 



  • In the bedroom, keep the bed low to the ground to make the room feel larger.


  • Make sure none of the furniture throughout the rest of the property directly touches the floor—bulky couches on the floor dwarf a space. Instead, choose furniture that has legs so that they’re off the ground. 


  • Consider using clear, see-through furniture, which adds interest, while also making the space feel more open.


Incorporate Natural Elements 

Many apartments don’t have access to greenery or scenic views. So, consider adding thoughtful natural elements throughout the apartment. 


  • Greenery and plants are incredibly trendy right now, and they also look fantastic with white and bright walls and a minimalist aesthetic. 


  • Think about incorporating wood. Reclaimed wood has made a comeback in the interior design world. Consider hardwood floors, rustic wooden doors, or tasteful wooden décor. However, be careful not to overdo the wood, because it can make a space feel cluttered. 


  • A small water feature, like a water fountain, can also add a bit of nature. 


  • Be sure to leave all the windows open or accessible, so that plenty of natural light can get into the property. 

Incorporate “Aging in Place” Features

If you live in an area with an older population, consider adding “aging in place” features. These small add-ons can make your property sell quickly because they aren’t often included in apartment properties. 



  • Select easy-to-use light switches and door handles. 


  • Choose non-slip flooring materials instead of slippery ones. 


  • Swap out the showerhead for a removable and adjustable one. 


Divide and Create Spaces

If your apartment doesn’t have designated spaces for common areas, divide and create those spaces.


  • Use bookshelves or furniture to create a separate dining and living area. 


  • Alternatively, if there isn’t a dining area, add an island in the kitchen with some cozy bar stools around it. 


  • If you have a dining area, but no office, consider splitting the space to make it multipurpose.


The key to dividing the space is to provide all the common areas that people often want in a home. It’s a way to show that anyone’s life can fit inside of your apartment. 

Townhouse on the Park, Modern Spaces

Design Intelligently to Increase Your Property Value

These modern interior design tips are just a few ways to increase the property value of your apartment. As long as you focus on making your apartment feel large, bright, and airy, you’ll increase the value and find a buyer in no time. 

Matt Lee is the owner of the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.

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