How to Write Inspiring Real Estate Descriptions

Feb 22, 2021

We are living in a rapidly-developing world where everything changes every single day, and we can do nothing but adapt to today’s hectic rhythm and its rules. Real estate is not an exception. It is an industry where you have to stand out and think outside of the box. You must be prepared to catch people’s attention and describe a property. This is the moment where catchy real estate listings come in handy.

But how do you make them appealing? Good question. Penny Collins, a former real estate agent who is now a freelance blogger and a senior editor in the writing service called, will share her tips.

Seductive Headline Matters
Creating an eye-catching headline is a pure craft. It may take plenty of time to compose an attractive headline and spark potential customers’ attention in a split second. However, the headline is the most crucial part of your listing. You won’t get a second chance if you neglect to write a unique heading. Just glance at other descriptions, and you will see that no one seems to be bothered by writing a splendid header.
Consider making the headline condensed and straight to the point. It doesn’t have to exceed seven words. Also, make sure to have these words compelling and persuasive. It will be best to approach headline writing once you have the entire listing.

Snappy Hook Is Vital
A hook is a principal element of any written text. It aims to entice the reader and catch their curiosity. Your opening sentence should make the readers say, “That is what I have been looking for!” You can write a hook in the following way:

“If you have ever dreamed of a complete house located outside the bustling city where you could feel the pure bliss of fresh air and silence, you will love this offer, as it will allow you to experience this to the fullest.”

Informative Description Is A Must
Now, a description is the most challenging part of listing you have to handle. It requires an excellent command of the language and the ability to write a concise but accurate description of features. The description will deliver a convincing commentary on the property’s features. Features themselves are common and don’t draw clients’ attention anymore. A jazzed-up comment is what makes customers drop their jaws and purchase real estate. Here is an excellent description example:

“You will be enamored by this impressively cozy and stunning three-bedroom apartment with its awe-inspiring views of the city. The property has two garage slots available. A modern kitchen is outfitted with in-demand features and ranges. A revolutionary heated floor will elevate the entire coziness to the next level. Every morning you will experience pure joy when stepping on the floor barefoot. Coupled with a quiet ambiance, no one can underestimate this place.”
Pro hint: Old-hand real estate agents use a thesaurus to spice up their texts.

Special Promotions Will Be Of Assistance
If you can offer special promotions for some of your properties, adding them to your listing is a no-brainer. These promotions can give clients a good kick of motivation to use your services. You can offer people a limited-time discount, a seller financing option, a lease, or any other promotion. There are a dozen ways to sell your listing quickly. Use your flight of imagination.

Closing Sentence
The last sentence must call for action. Such sentences usually have exclamation marks and large letters. They are short but accurate and provocative. For example, you can make your closing sentence in this way:

“Do not miss your chance to purchase this house and forget about what relief means. CONTACT US RIGHT NOW!”

You can furnish the last sentence and add that those who call now will get a substantial discount. Ask yourself whether you would call the agency after reading such a listing description. If the answer is positive, then you have done a great job! Remember that any additional fuss will do you no good. Don’t exaggerate with the statements and try to sell a property that doesn’t correlate with your descriptions. The most crucial thing is to be honest.

Lots of real estate listing descriptions are mediocre and ordinary. It seems that writing an inspiring piece is an impossible task. Indeed, composing an appealing listing is a learning curve. However, you can quickly learn the ropes and create an exhilarating real estate listing description by following this guideline.

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