How to Make Your Apartments Attractive to Gen Z

Apr 7, 2021

When you’re selling or renting apartments, you need to learn about potential renters or buyers and try to make your apartment fit their needs and characters. Researching potential clients will help you make the right changes in your apartments and seal deals far more easily. Generation Z is the next generation taking over apartment rentals and purchases for the next 10-15 years. They were born roughly between 1997 and 2010, so the oldest of them are turning 24 this year.

How can you make your lodgings more attractive to this upcoming and newly established group of potential clients? All you have to do is learn about who they are and what they love when it comes to home design. Below, we’ll break down the top advice on how to make your apartments appealing to Gen Z.

1. Provide Value for Their Money

Gen Z grew up watching their parents struggle through the Great Recession, and they had to personally make their way through the COVID-19 pandemic. They know that things can easily take an unexpected turn and are thus frugal and careful with their money.

This is why your number one priority should be offering true value for their money. They don’t want to see:

  • luxurious decorations
  • amenities they won’t necessarily use but have to pay for
  • unpractical space usage

They know that every element of the apartment forms the price, and they truly want their every dollar to be well-spent. So, make sure the apartment is:

  • practical
  • flexible
  • affordable

This will attract Gen Z customers and raise interest in your lodgings.

2. Be Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

Gen Z is one of the most ecologically aware generations. They understand the importance of environmental protection and sustainability and try to make sustainable choices wherever they can.

To make your apartment more eco-friendly and sustainable, you could:

  • furnish with eco-friendly furniture made of natural materials
  • use power-saving light bulbs, low-flow showerheads and toilets, and programmable thermostats
  • provide natural lighting
  • install double-paned windows
  • shop hand-made décor and avoid mass-production

Ana Mayer, an interior designer, and writer at TrustMyPaper agrees: “All of this will look great in your apartment descriptions that Gen Z will surely read before deciding to take a live tour. Adding sustainability and eco-friendliness to the list of your apartment characteristics will be a huge plus for them.”

3. Be Tech-Friendly

Gen Z are digital natives meaning they grew up actively using the internet and having technology as a major part of their everyday lives. This is something you should use to make your apartment more attractive to them.

Explore different options of making your apartments tech-friendly:

  • provide enough power plugs and sockets all over the apartment
  • include high-speed Wi-Fi 
  • have furniture with hidden cord storage
  • install simple smart gadgets
  • integrate with Alexa

Give your apartment a technology boost since most Gen Z members will appreciate seeing all the possibilities for staying connected online, as well as comfortable in their space.

4. Personalize

Personalization is one of the most common forms of marketing today. And, Gen Z is used to having brands offering unique personalized experiences and sending like-wise messages.

That is why it would be a great idea for you to try and get to know each potential resident and personalize the space according to their needs.

Have meaningful and informative conversations with them before they come to see the apartment. Add nice touches such as wall-posters, favorite color pillow, or plants to the apartment. It’s a small investment that might result in a closed deal.

5. Provide Socialization Space

As much as Gen Z members are connected online and have a huge online community of friends and followers, their social lives are not as fulfilling as they could be. All the online communication has made it harder for them to communicate and socialize in person.

This is why your apartment should offer designated socialization spaces such as living areas or dining tables. They need to see they’ll be able to have friends over, hang out, and have fun.

Emphasize the socializing opportunities and provide spaces that allow roommates to have more interaction with each other. 

6. Advertise Your Apartments

As we’ve already mentioned, Gen Z are tech-savvy and digital natives. That means that they’ll check your apartments online before they decide to come and see them in person. But, what they’re looking for is more than nice apartment images.

They want to see the whole apartment story. That includes:

  • detailed descriptions of apartment location, amenities, functionality, and characteristics
  • previous tenants’ opinion
  • virtual tours
  • your social media profiles

They’ll do a significant amount of research before they start taking you seriously, so make sure your apartments have a fully established online presence. The more information you provide and make available to them online, the more trust you’ll gain.

Gen Z will require you to provide apartment information online and give them a strong reason to come and check it out.

Final Thoughts

Making lodgings attractive to Gen Z means understanding how they like to live and what values they appreciate the most. They’re about to take over a huge portion of the apartment rental and purchase market, so you need to walk the extra mile and find the right formula to attract them.

The tips and tricks we’ve shared above will help you make your apartments Gen Z-friendly and ensure you get their full attention from the first moment. Use them to create Gen Z-oriented apartments and secure your spot on this changing market.

Author’s Bio
Donald Fomby is a content writer specializing in interior design. His practical tips are always spot on, thanks to his writing skills and extensive experience adapting homes to specific clients. He also works as an editor at Supreme Dissertations, where he put his writing skills to academic use.
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