Greenery Wall Art – How To Make Your Interior Design Fascinating

Mar 2, 2021

For many people, interior decoration is just an attractive piece inside their building. But for people like me, it is a lifeline of my home. Recently, people are paying more attention towards making their interior design look more interactive. The wall art market worth approximately $51.25 billion, and even though some pieces are very attractive, the true art is finding the perfect piece for the right place in your home. Using greenery wall art is a great option. Green is a color of peace and harmony in many parts of the world, and plants also give a cozy look to the house. Here are some ideas for using greenery wall art most fascinatingly.

How to Choose Wall Art

Your home architecture will not always provide you with an ideal space for placing wall art. It may become challenging to place adequate wall art in the perfect spot.

No need to get in a hassle, here are some simple steps to select adequate wall art for decoration.

  • Consider the size of your space and then select the wall art. If you have small spaces, do not select one big piece of art.
  • The wall art must be visible when you enter a room.
  • Use wall art that aligns with the wall color theme.

Amazing Greenery Wall Art Ideas

There are many amazing ideas to use greenery wall art for decorating your real estate, from live plants to paintings as wall art.

The basic benefit of using it is that they are eco-friendly and they create a positive ambience in the house. See the following amazing ideas that can be used for greenery wall art.

1. The Magic of White

Are you bored from your white, plain wall? Or you are just in love with this sophisticated color? We have a solution for both of these problems. Plants are there for your rescue. There are multiple ways in which you can use greenery art wall for decorating the white wall. First is to place plants in white pots on a white wall. Or place a vine pot near the wall, and let the vine climb the wall in a different style.

2. Bonsai

Bonsai plants can bring life to your perfect apartment. They are especially recommended to be placed in bedrooms for an uplifted aesthetic. The first way is to use their paintings is for wall decoration. The second idea is to paint the tree on your wall directly. Wall art pieces of Bonsai can look very sophisticated in your home.

3. Cozy Look for the Summer

Using greenery wall art is a feasible and convenient way to give your home a cozy look. Combining plants with light positive colors is the best to give your home a summer look. A natural sunlight source can enhance the look and make it look more natural.

4. Living Moss Walls


Moss walls are considered to be alive as these wall artifacts have living moss plant. Some decoration pieces are made by preserving dead moss, as this gives them a natural look. The cost of these pieces is higher in contrary to other plant decoration pieces. However, they require less maintenance than living plants — you have to do their dusting occasionally, but that’s it.

5. Air Plant Sculpture

Air plants are natural plants that do not require soil for growth. They can grow while suspended in the air just by absorbing moisture from the air. These plants can be used with different sculptures and art pieces. You can either make wall art or a corner piece for your room. The majority of readymade sculptures are made for hanging it on the wall. The choice is yours to show your creativity and make it unique.

6. Plant Test-Tubes

Using plant test tubes is a creative way to decorate your home sweet home. No, it’s not the old chemistry lab test tube; these are different. These are the cylindrical shape crustal vase in which you can plant water plants or normal air plants. The shining, crystal clear water and its unique shape make it more interactive. They are generally used in bunches, but you can use a single one also.

7. Plant Stand

This idea is similar to shelving plants on a wall. If you desire a sleek and simple decoration, then this one is for you. You can use a ladder-style shelve and place potted plants. Glass jars or other decoration pieces can accompany plants. If you lack space, then use the wall shelves.

8. Crystal Vase

This transparent jar contains air or water plants. If you are using the air plant in this decoration, you can also use pebbles. The pebbles will increase its attraction, even soil or colorful crystal pieces will work. I like these to be simply stylish hanging on the wall. If you want to help save the earth, then recycled beer bottles can also do wonders.

9. Terrariums at Wall

There is a huge variety of wall-hung terrariums available in the market. This is a decoration piece made from glass structure. It came in different sizes and shapes; there are different shapes and ideas for using this wall art. Generally, soil, pebbles, and white stones are used to increase the beauty of these pieces. You can use them on any wall in the house from your bathroom to bedroom it fits in all.

10.  Hanging Kokedama

The word ‘Kokedama’ literally means a ball of moss in the Japanese language. This is the centuries-old Japanese planting technique that is now being widely used across the world as decoration pieces. It looks like a ball shape root with a shoot of a plant. It is actually, root wrapped in moss and aluminum with the help of wire and nylon.

11.  Cactus can be beautiful

The most beautiful element directly from the desert is the most used decoration plant. They are widely used because it is no maintenance at all, not even watering. Just place them and forget about it, no need to worry about climate or any external element.

Wrapping it up

Greenery wall art comes in a huge variety. The stress on the green deliberately includes plants in the decoration. Plants are the most flexible element that can be used to increase your interior decoration and aesthetic of your home. The basic reason people prefer green more is the awareness of the environment and the demand to be eco-friendly. Another reason for using this is that they can be used in multiple ways. Even people living in cities can have a hanging garden filled with different plants. These plants can be either only for decoration or for spreading soothing scent in the home. I hope you’ll like my wall art ideas and will use it in your home.

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