Finding the Right Real Estate Agent

Jul 27, 2021

Eric Benaim founded Modern Spaces with a vision for the real estate possibilities in Long Island City, a neighborhood bursting with art, bright creatives, families, new arrivals, new construction, and reinvention. He wanted to build a real estate company that wasn’t just about business transactions, but about the making of neighborhoods, connecting with people, and creating chances for communities to reach their fullest potential. And now, his vision extends not only throughout LIC, but into New York City and Jersey City, as well.

It’s this vision that forms the basis for building the team of agents that makes Modern Spaces one of the most personal and attuned agencies in the city. It’s a place where you’ll find agents who will really listen, who will walk you through every step of the home buying process, and help you meet your goals. Modern Spaces agents are very often neighborhood locals who know the area and the community well. They can help you get connected to the people, the place, and what is going on there. In short, they can guide you to your home, in your neighborhood.

Whether it’s Skyline Tower in LIC, where neighbors commune in a wealth of amenity spaces, or a townhouse in Jersey City that puts you right at the heart of its cultural riches, Modern Spaces specializes in homes that help to define their neighborhoods.


Every agent at Modern Spaces has deep roots in the city. As Benaim told Worthly, “I look at the whole city as my house, to be honest. I can’t picture a better place to be.” It’s this connection to the city’s identity, how that identity is constantly being shaped by its inhabitants, and a genuine sense of care for each client as an individual, that makes the agents at Modern Spaces the perfect guides to finding your new home. Learn more about the team by calling 201-975-3887, or by visiting the Modern Spaces site.

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