In The News: All Eyes ( and 580+ Million Impressions) on LIC

Nov 22, 2018

Goodbye, Buyers’ Market. Hello, Sellers’ Market!

News of Amazon’s HQ2 arrival to Long Island City has spurred a media frenzy, and Modern Spaces is enjoying a significant amount of the coverage. Modern Spaces has been featured in over 35 articles and interviews, with 68 syndications, leading to over 580 million media impressions. Some highlights:

Long Island City has become a world phenomenon, but we at Modern Spaces just call it home — the place we have invested professionally and personally, and where we have become the undisputed market leader. We are thrilled to be a leading voice in the conversation and look forward to both the community and economic benefits Amazon will bring.

Our agents have been working around the clock answering calls and responding to emails. We are getting hundreds of new clients every day. In the last two weeks, our offices experienced a record week of sales; 200 units with an approximate sales total of $190M. We made multiple price amendments to our new development inventory, and entertained bidding wars on several of our listings.  Our offices saw a 500%  increase among condo sales traffic, and a 117% traffic increase of investment properties.

We are primed and ready for the influx of business. With 70% of the market share, we are positioned to be the only choice for anyone looking to have a piece of America’s Hottest Real Estate Market. Check out our listings for Long Island City apartments for sale and new developments, as well as commercial and investment properties.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking to sell, buy, invest or develop in Long Island City or throughout Queens.

For a comprehensive (and still growing) list of press, visit the Modern Spaces press page.

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