Commercial & Investment Sales Agent


  • Exclusively represent the Landlord in Sale or Lease of their Investment Property or Vacant space
  • Act as the Neighborhood Expert: know your market & community
  • Become a Building Sales (or Leasing) specialist, focusing on direct sales (or lease) of investment properties solely
  • Business Development / Build relationship with landlords within your exclusive neighborhood
  • Generate leads through phone calls, networking, professional affiliations
  • Build networking and referral system to ensure business pipeline of building sales throughout all of the NYC metro area
  • Present for Exclusive listings
  • Perform property evaluations / underwriting
  • Establish long term client relationships
  • Provide real estate advisory services to clients
  • Know and track all variables of your sub market including: property owners, who’s buying/ selling, past/current/average prices, annual property sales, factors affecting value and how transactions are being structured, all buildings in your territory, etc.
  • Implement customized marketing program to properly position listings

Become the leading Commercial Real Estate Sales Agent in your market


  • Finance savvy, disciplined, assertive. Existing mortgage brokerage &/or financial institution experience a plus  
  • Demonstrated ability in business development  
  • Understanding of or ability to quickly learn the fundamentals of finance
  • Excellent Oral & Written Communications skills incl. Negotiating capability  
  • Strong Strategic abilities  
  • Superior Organizational Skills / Detail Oriented  
  • Excellent Analytical & Reasoning ability  
  • Strong computer skills  
  • Team oriented activities, personal achievements and/or leadership roles in background.  
  • Bachelors and/or Advanced Degree  
  • Will need to acquire NYS or NJ Real Estate Salespersons License


Commercial Application Form

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