Zach Zachariadis
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson


Zach was born and raised in New York. Zach has also lived in Boston Massachusetts, Stamford Connecticut, and Los Angeles California. From an early age, with his family’s guidance, Zach was taught that the most important thing in life was how to treat people. Zach’s father’s favorite thing to tell him was “It is nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice.” Zach’s father swore that this was his own quote. Zach would later learn in life that it was actually made famous by John Templeton but because Zach is so nice, he never broke the news to his father.
For many years, Zach worked in the jungle that is Television Production. Zach’s first position was as a Production Assistant at Maury Povich and then went on to work on the creative team at World Wrestling Entertainment. Whether Zach was up at 3AM dealing with baby mama drama or writing dialogue for seven foot larger than life WWE superstars, both experiences taught Zach the importance of hard work, how to handle yourself under stressful environments and most importantly, how to treat people. This is how the world of television groomed Zach into someone who truly understands the significance of client relationships.
Zach comes from a real estate background as his family has run a successful real estate office in Manhattan for the last thirty-five years. Zach has been able to learn the intricacies of the real estate business from the importance of a client’s financial investment to understanding the needs of a client in respect to the market. Zach also has a keen understanding of both the landlord and tenant side of the real estate business. After only one year under his belt, all of Zach’s tenants know they can turn to him for any issues and at the drop of a hat, Zach will be there with a smile on his face. Because as Zach’s father said (cough cough), “It is nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice”.

Zach Zachariadis's Listings

33-11 Broadway, 2 Astoria
StudioBD / 1BA