As a native New Yorker, Troy Allen believes Long Island City to be the best neighborhood to live in. As a resident as well as an agent in the neighborhood, Troy has been eager and excited to take an active part of the formation of LIC as a new community and help develop growth.

Prior to working with Modern Spaces Troy worked for the Mayors Office. He was primarily involved in Community Gentrification and Development. His first project was in northern Manhattan where he worked with community leaders and businesses. Troy is proud to see that many of the initiatives and projects he was involved with had the impact of transforming northern Manhattan positively into the flourishing community that it is today.

Joining Modern Spaces in 2010, Troy initially became involved in Residential Sales and Leasing. He eventually utilized his sense of community outreach and business background to become involved exclusively in Commercial Leasing.

In Long Island City and Astoria, Troy has negotiated over 20 leases for retail and commercial spaces in the course of two years. The partnerships between landlords and tenants have ranged from new start-ups to internationally recognized restaurants and retail.

Today Troy is Director of Retail leasing for Modern Spaces with one mission in mind – to put Long Island City on the map.

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