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Ted Kokkoris


Ted Kokkoris brings a professional and enthusiastic approach to New York City real estate. Being a lifelong New Yorker, Ted has seen the many changes this great city has encountered and loves the direction and growth we are seeing today. New York is a city of unique neighborhoods, cultures, personalities and styles and Ted’s feeling that “there is a perfect home for everyone” goes a long way in understanding his passion for finding the right home for each and every person he meets. It is necessary for Ted to build a relationship with his clients as he helps them with this tremendous decision in their lives. There are so many variables to consider and Ted’s philosophy that the more information we are exposed to, the better performance we can bring in working towards our client’s goal of finding absolutely everything they desire in a home. Buyers and Sellers alike, require the most professional, responsible and honest relationship when involved in transactions of this magnitude. Ted’s unwavering commitment to both parties has been what motivates him in making sure everyone is happy at the end of each deal. With many different groups involved in the purchase of property, Ted has put a great amount of importance in surrounding himself with a team of professionals and top members of their respective industries to make each transaction move as efficiently as possible. There is also the business and investment side of real estate and Ted’s 10+ years of experience as an Equity and Fixed Income Analyst at one of the world’s top Capital Market Intelligence companies has prepared him to advise in all aspects of the financial end of the transaction. Ted believes that “Your home should first and foremost be a place that you love living in, but the short and long term investment factor must be given serious consideration from the early stages of the searching process.”