Sophia Park is originally from Seoul and she then moved to Toronto where she resided for many years, where she obtained her degree in Fashion Management. After graduating from college, she spent a few years selling and marketing designer fashion apparel and jewelry.
Thereafter, she seized an opportunity to be part of an upscale new development project named “Regency Yorkville” in Toronto. That was the pivotal moment when she discovered her true calling and wanted to be in real estate with movers and shakers. Sophia spent several years selling homes and new condominiums to high profile clients in Toronto before her entry into New York real estate market.

She has a genuine, deep passion for real estate sales. She is exceptional in connecting with customers even in the face of adversity.
She has embodied this mantra-“There is always room for improvement. And the fact that there is truly a blessing” Sophia is diligent and extremely committed to her work and clients. Her office management skills, team building, work ethics, and professionalism are qualities highly evident throughout her career. She can deliver proactive solutions in stressful situations which resulted in positive customer responses time and time again. She is also focused on seeing her organization and her team grow in ways that will take them to the next level.

In her previous position, she oversaw several residential properties for Rose Associates and had accomplished outstanding achievements and profitability for the company. Under Sophia’s management, The Metropolis was selected as one of the Top rated properties in 2017 from ApartmentRatings.com and The Kingsley Excellence Award.

Over 17 years of experience in real estate sales, rentals, and property management has established Sophia with a high level of integrity, problem-solving skills, knowledge, and tenacity. It didn’t take long for her enthusiasm and exceptional customer service to catch the eye of her peers and clients.

Sophia Park is a true professional with an excellent reputation. She is one of the most sincere, hardworking, and competent people that you will have a chance to work with. Many of the real estate industry people also praise that they can always count on her to consistently deliver outstanding outcomes.

Sophia currently lives in Flushing with her family. She loves to travel to explore different cities cultures and culinary arts of the world. She is fluent in Korean and in the process of developing her Mandarin skill.

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