Christopher Baker, known to most as “Baker,” recently joined Modern Spaces, and brings with him twenty years of experience in marketing for luxury brands. An artist at heart, Baker has parlayed his education in and love for graphic design, fine art, and mixed media into a successful career as Art Director at Rolex.

Baker is excited to expand his business and is diving right in assisting buyers on their real estate journey. As President of his building’s Coop in Carnegie Hill, Baker is well versed in the particulars around Coop sales and purchasing, and is excited to deepen his knowledge of the Long Island City market.

In his spare time, you will find Baker running — a passion he’s enjoyed since his first marathon in 2008. This endeavor began as a friendly dare, but quickly developed into a passion that he’s invested time and energy into and has enjoyed success in running multiple marathons, three Ironmans, and becoming a mentor to new runners. An added perk to running is his ability to see and experience the entirety of the city on foot which allows him to take in the history and architecture he is endlessly fascinated by. Baker will work out of the Modern Spaces HQ office, and hopes that when you meet, you’ll ask him for a restaurant recommendation— he has one for about every neighborhood in the city!

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