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Licensed As: Angelos Grammatikos
Angelos Gram
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson


Originally from a small island in Greece, Angelo was taught to embrace compassion, honesty, and positivity. Even when he moved to the busy metropolitan city of Dubai, he still carried these values as he was immersed in a completely new culture and society. Now located in New York, Angelo finds that these core values remain essential to him as a real estate professional. “Compassion taught me to have empathy and listen to people’s needs. Honesty and positivity have taught me to be dependable and dedicated in everything I do.”

Angelo exudes passion in every aspect of his professional career. Whether in real estate, prior hospitality experience, or through being owner of a family-owned distillery business, he learned early on, that working closely with people brought him tremendous joy that effortlessly extends to his colleagues, clients, and partners.

Angelo understands that buying, selling, or renting a home is typically the single largest monetary decision a person can make, and that there are numerous emotional factors guiding clients as well. Hence his dedication to guide clients through this vital process, facilitating every aspect of the process with e same teachings of empathy, trustworthiness and dedication he was raised with. Angelo’s charisma, patience and determination will serve clients well as they embark on their real estate journey.

Outside of work, Angelo enjoys traveling, cooking, and roughhousing with his two large dogs Rocky and Hera.

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