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Modern Spaces is a professional Real Estate group that was founded and developed in Long Island City.

Our passion and love for the neighborhoods we reside in resonates through all of our agents at our LIC, Astoria, and Jersey City offices. Through the use of social media, Modern Spaces has been able to reach out and integrate itself seamlessly with the local community.

The Modern Spaces specialized sales team, primarily comprised of neighborhood natives and a creative but targeted marketing approach has been the driving force behind our great success in the neighborhood and beyond. In just six short years we have energized the area’s commercial, condominium and rental residences. We have made our place in New York’s real estate market through our participation of local events, fundraisers, and community service.

Our greatest attribute is our ability to connect to each person in the buying, selling, and new development processes. Building long lasting relationships is at the heart of everything we do. We make communication our top priority and are able to seamlessly walk our clients through each of their grueling courses.

Modern Spaces Development Marketing Group is responsible for marketing over $3B of real estate in New York City to date. From inception to completion we offer a wide range of services from initial planning, consulting, design, branding, staging, and market analysis.

Meet Our Team
Meet Our Team

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