5 Eco-Friendly Interior Design Ideas For Apartments

Jan 14, 2021

Living in an apartment has challenges of its own, but the most challenging part of that nowadays is making it “greener.” In the most recent years, there has been intense advocacy for greener places, greener buildings, etc. However, with an apartment, you’ll be working with a smaller place to decorate or redecorate. 

But not to worry! Going green in an apartment space is easier than you might think. Even in the smallest of living places, one can opt for more eco-friendly choices, when it comes to having a unique style for your home.


Here are 5 interior design ideas that can help you live more eco-friendly in your apartment:

Use Natural Lighting

“Natural lighting is great to have inside the apartment,” says Isabelle Luxton, a lifestyle writer at State of writing and Paper fellows. “Make it your job to let in more natural lighting, while turning off electrical lighting whenever you’re not using it. In fact, opting for more natural light over electrical lighting can help you save on your energy bills.”

Have Large Potted Plants

Did you know that having large potted plants in your home can improve your interior air quality? They can!

Just find a few areas in your apartment (preferably next to windows) to place your plants in, and you’ll create a “greener” feel to the home – physically and naturally. Besides, who DOESN’T want a more natural look to their interior space? Plants are comforting, smell great, and are there to greet you and whoever you invite into your home. 

Flowers are great too, but make sure to replace them every time they wilt and wither away – the same with other potted plants that you choose to bring into the apartment.

Use Eco-Friendly Furniture

You heard right! There IS furniture that is made from natural materials (i.e. wood, organic, and sustainable materials). So, you can ditch those old chairs and tables that are made from plastic molding, and opt for eco-friendly furniture instead.

Now, when looking for furniture made from natural materials, make sure that it carries the certifications and/or stamps that ensure that you’re truly buying a product that was made ethically. For example, not all types of wood are sustainable – wood with the Forest Stewardship Council certification stamp is known to be a reputable organization that ensures that you’re getting a good product that doesn’t harm endangered species or anything else in the environment. Or, you can invest in bamboo-made furniture – another suitable option.

In addition, marble and similar stones are acceptable materials that are natural, and can be incorporated in tables and countertops for your living space. Don’t opt for materials that use synthetic glues and resins that often contain formaldehyde (a potential allergen to humans and carcinogenic to animals).

In short, check your apartment for anything that’s made of any plastic, polyester, nylon, particleboard, chromed metal, any non-organic or synthetically-engineered material, and do the two R’s: rid and replace.

Use Curtains To Control Temperature

“Curtains can actually help you control the temperature in your apartment,” says Zoe Topp, a design blogger at Oxessays and Liahelp. “Instead of using dingy Venetian blinds, use curtains to keep the AC air in during hot summer days, and the heating in during the colder days. Curtains can prevent you from cranking up the AC and or heating more than necessary, and can save you money on your next energy bill. Plus, curtains can bring style to the apartment with virtually any budget; and, they’re more attractive than blinds.”


Shop Secondhand + Vintage

Finally, there’s nothing wrong with shopping at thrift or consignment stores. In fact, you’ll be doing better for the environment by skipping the shopping mall for nice bargains at the thrift store. Not only will you save money at the thrift store, but you’ll also be able to recycle clothes, furniture, etc. Plus, retro furniture and clothes are growing in popularity in recent years – AND are being sold at low prices. And, you can adapt different styles of art to your apartment – mid-century modern, Victorian chic, art deco – the possibilities are endless!


So, you see, eco-friendly designing can be possible EVEN in apartments. As you plan on rearranging your apartment for the better, and take a page from these 5 eco-friendly interior design ideas, you’ll transform your living place into a greener home!

Welcome home!

Kristin Herman is a writer and editor at UK Writings and Academized. She is also a contributing writer for online publications, such as Boomessays. As a marketing writer, she blogs about the latest trends in social media marketing and eco-friendly advertising.



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