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About Yamile

From a young age Yamile had big ambitions. She always knew she wanted to come to NYC and make this amazing place her home. She is originally from Colombia and currently resides in the Dutch Kills section of Astoria. With over 5 years of experience in the industry, she has totaled over $50 million in sales. She helped to successfully sell out Edge 31 and the Murano Condominiums. Yamile's degree in business administration along with her extensive experience in sales and customer service make her an excellent agent to work with whether you are a seller or a buyer, a landlord or a renter. Bilingual: English, Spanish REVIEWS "Yamile was very responsive right off the bat. She listened to my wants and concerns about condo features and price range and took them seriously, and she kept them in mind throughout my search. She made time for me on the weekend to look at units, and while it was clear that I was new at shopping for real estate, she definitely knew what she was doing. She displayed a keen awareness of both ongoing development in the LIC area as well as the condo sales market in that area more generally. She was so familiar with the ins and outs of the individual buildings that it was very easy to compare the advantages of one unit against another's. Yamile is very professional, but she's also got a very funny and engaging personality. It was a real pleasure to spend time with her. Throughout the process, I needed to only ask if I had a question, and she would respond quickly, with such a positive and friendly attitude that I always felt happy I'd asked. I could tell that it was important to her that I feel comfortable with the entire process, and that it was also her priority to see that I was happy and settled in the condo of my choice. It was so easy to work with Yamile -- she was always on time, happy to see me, and very organized -- she always kept a full schedule of units for me to see, but she never rushed me. She made it her business to get to know me, as a person, and that really came out in the units she showed me -- she knew exactly what was important to me, and why, and the units she showed me were all "winners" -- they all met or exceeded my expectations. When it came time for the punch list inspection, she coordinated and guided me through it, and she came to my closing, so happy for me, just as any friend would be. All in all, the experience was so personalized and warm that it seemed at times as if I was Yamile's only client, although I know that can't possibly have been true!" - Helena Franceschi 8/23/12 (Yelp)

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