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About Cristina

Originally from Argentina, Cristina grew up in New York where she lived until moving to Europe for six years. During that time, she developed a love for travel, languages and the flavors of culture. She’s travelled to 33 different countries from the Americas to Asia, speaking English, Spanish and German.

Her love for diversity and esthetic beauty brought her to Modern Spaces where you can find just that in her rental or sales listings.

After earning her Masters, Cristina entered the financial industry where she serviced over fifty million dollars in loans for residential funding. Her practice and understanding of the mortgage industry helps her be a more knowledgeable agent today. Cristina is ready to help you along the process of buying your first home or closing on that seventh investment property.

Owning property in Greenpoint, Cristina is familiar with the surrounding areas; knowing the ins and outs of Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Long Island City and Astoria. Cristina is honest, attentive and easy to work with. Just let her know what you are looking for and she will find you a perfect fit.

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