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Crafting The Perfect Home Office

Jan 17, 2022

During the coronavirus pandemic, the number of remote workers in the U.S. rose from around 2% to nearly 70%. While this number will likely change again in the next few years, many predict that the remote work trend will remain healthy and strong going forward.

While this sounds great on the surface, for many, a work-from-home environment is filled with personal distractions. This was fine during a temporary event like the early days of the pandemic. 

If things are going to become permanent, though, it’s important for remote workers to create a home office where they can focus, do deep work, and remain productive on the home front. Here are several suggestions to craft a home office that is perfect for your own personal needs.

Find the Right Space

When crafting the perfect home office, the first thing that you need to do is identify the right space. Everyone talks about the need to designate a space, but equally important is the need to identify the right space.

Remember, you’re talking about an area where you’ll spend the bulk of your weekdays. You don’t want to close yourself off into a corner of your bedroom if you have a better space available. 

For instance, you can convert a spare room into a home office with minimal effort. You can even leave things like a bed in there to accommodate the occasional guest from time to time. 

The important thing is that you find an area of your home that will give you the maximum work-from-home value without impacting the rest of your life too much. In other words, make the most of your space as you designate your at-home work environment.

Set Up the Essentials

Once you’ve found a space that will function well as your home office, you want to invest in a permanent setup. This should start with the essentials of a remote work home office and should include items such as:

  • A solid internet connection with a dependable router — and signal booster, if required;
  • A computer that can reliably keep you in touch with the outside world;
  • An ergonomic desk and chair that can keep you physically comfortable;
  • Good lighting that can relieve strain on your eyes and help you stay positive;

These are some of the most common basics. However, every work-from-home scenario has its own requirements. Consider what elements of your remote work setup are absolutely necessary to function. Then make sure they’re thoroughly addressed in your permanent home office.

Create an Engaging Environment

One of the best advantages of owning a home is that you can make the space your own. This applies to your home office as much as any other part of your living space.

Of course, as is the case with any other area of your house, personalizing your office space can’t just be dictated by your interests. It must also serve the function of the space.

For instance, if you’re a writer, you need to design a space that enhances your creativity and eliminates distractions. If you’re a photographer, you might need plenty of room for multiple computer screens or even a darkroom.

Start by identifying what you need your home office to do. Then consider how you can have fun with the design. From colors on the walls to pictures, plants, and bookshelves, take the opportunity to make your office your own.

Set Up a Maintenance Schedule

At this point, you have a dedicated, functional home office. It has the essential items that you need to work each day. It also has a personal flair and positive vibe that is tailored to your individual desires.

Now, you have to figure out how to keep it up over the long haul. You won’t have a cleaning crew coming in after you leave the office. That job falls on you now. 

Fortunately, you can address the issue by creating a cleaning schedule with four distinct recurring activities: 

  • Neatening should happen on a daily basis.
  • Cleaning is a bit more involved and should happen every week or two.
  • Reviewing essential equipment is wise at least once a month to make sure everything is holding up.
  • Updating your decor every few months is a great way to keep your home office vibrant and welcoming.

By working each of these into your calendar, you can ensure that your home office continues to be a space where you want to work far into the future.

Crafting the Perfect Home Office

Remote work is here to stay. If you find that this change is impacting your long-term work status, make sure to invest in a good home office to see you through the change.

By investing in a good workspace in your home, you can create a space that is ideal for getting work done. From deep concentration to steady positivity and productivity, a good home office has never been more worthy of the investment. 

AUTHOR: Charlie Fletcher

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